Digital Scholarship

“Digital Scholarship” encompasses the latest nomenclature for the growing trend of placing scholarship in a digital format. This broad field can encompass anything from traditional monographs placed in a largely open-access format on the web to archives to projects that illustrate a specific argument to tools that allow the user to engage with the material on their own and in structured formats. What the “scholarship”  in digital scholarship remains unclear for many in the ivory tower, leading to questions of whether compiling an archive merits the same praise as an interpretive project despite the fact that the assemble had to make similar choices. Whether digital scholarship is a field, methodology, genre, discipline, etc. also remains up for debate. Scholars of all education levels, disciplines, and subdivides within disciplines can create or use the products depending of their skill level, encouraging proponents of the methodology argument. Similarly, some people make a conscious choice to self-identify, adding tags similar to gender, military, ethnic, and more specializations. Regardless of which it is, digital scholarship encompasses a wide range of people, emphasis, and projects and appears likely to keep growing. As such it holds the potential to display new interpretations of a vast array of subject as well as providing the tools for others to do the same.