Defining Digital Scholarship

Digital scholarship is the use of digital media and digital technology to advance knowledge on a given subject. Digital media embraces many types of digital information, including searchable documents, scans of original documents, photographs, and maps, audio and video recordings, databases, and websites, that dramatically increase access to information. Digital technology encompasses the various software and hardware (i.e. scanners, computers, and programs) that allow digital information to be stored, transferred, and used in research, presentation, and teaching. Digital scholarship is a method to gain new insights by allowing users to manipulate and analyze information via methods, such as time-lapse overlays, not possible with traditional (or analog) means. It further allows for collaborations between researchers that would have been exceedingly slow and difficult, if not nearly impossible, prior to digital communications. Lastly, digital scholarship offers new and innovative interactive teaching techniques that allow students to explore/learn at their own pace and reinforce traditional instruction through a virtual hands-on approach.